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Who's number one! You are. Our customers are our number one priority.

We love the butcher block that you made for us.  We have it displayed in our kitchen and the quality is fantastic.  Thanks. TestimonialsBrad
Thanks for all the great information!  Look Forward to ordering some more of your work this summer.John
We really love the new dining table and custom built benches.  The wood looks amazing and really matched our space.  It is great to have locally made products.  Keep it up. TestimonialsChristina
Every time I look at the maple island that you made, I can't help thinking how beautiful it is.  The depth and color of these old trees is fantastic.  Your design works perfectly in the space, how do you do it?  Thanks again.Anne
Why do you not have your furniture in all of the galleries of New York?  It would sell in a minute.Renee

Never substitute convenience for quality.