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Top 10 Reasons!

Choosing Clean Air Woodworks for your furniture, yurt, or natural home design project is the easy choice.  Our commitment to healthy designs and indoor air quality ensures that you will be able to live and breathe easier.

Non-toxic Designs

Think your plywood cabinets and urethane-coated furniture are healthy?  Think again.  We use 100% zero VOC coatings that are non-toxic and safe for children and pets.  No fumes or off-gassing, no heavy metal driers, no formaldehyde.

Our Green Home Consultations evaluate your current home or help design your new dream home to take advantage of healthy alternatives to standard toxic coatings and products.  We can help you improve your indoor air quality, reduce allergens,  and improve your overall health, just through design.

Access to Rare and Unique Wood Slabs

Ever seen a tree over 4′ across?  We have and we constantly search for the best pieces of wood from local sources.  All of our slabs come from trees that are dead, dying, damaged, or destined for removal from private backyards.  Our inventory is constantly changing, but we can get nearly any piece of wood that you require.  The most common local species are Black Walnut, Maple, Oaks, Ash, Cherry, Pine, Poplar, and Catalpa.


When we look around at current furniture and house designs we see particleboard, veneers, vinyl, and disposable materials.  Clean Air Woodworks designs not for you, but for your children and grandchildren.  We design for the future.  Thick solid wood can be refinished for hundreds of years, looking brand new each time.  Houses can easily be designed to last for centuries, not 50 years.  Heirloom quality means durability and that is our goal.

Local Materials and Labor

We are a small shop.  That is important because of the impact we have on our community and the world at large.  Instead of operating a large cabinet shop with CNC machines chewing away at Medium Density Fiberboard, we spend our time reducing our impact.  Our logs are cut locally, milled by small sawmills locally, our coatings are made locally, and we work on a small organic vegetable farm run by solar power and heated by waste wood.   It cost more money to do good work, but good work is our job, not making money.  If we wanted to make money we would build plywood cabinets and overcharge your for them like everyone else.

Diverse Background

Our diverse background allows us to work with more materials than most designers.  There are few materials or ideas that we will not tackle.  Courage is often the most important aspect of design and we like taking chances.  Because we make yurts and other fabric covered structures, was can incorporate textiles into our designs.  How many other woodshops have sewing machines available?  Want some industrial feel?  We can weld and shape metal.  So go ahead and dream a little!

Unique Styles

Go ahead, think outside of the box!  We want to hear your crazy ideas and make them a reality.  If you want us to design for you, we can do that.  Just let us run wild and we can make all or some of the choices for you.  Art is art, but we live to make it functional for everyday use.

Zero Waste

Our facility recycles and re-uses nearly all of our waste.  Scraps of wood are re-used until they are tiny and then every piece is saved to provide heat in the winter.  Since we are utilizing so many local sources of products, our incoming waste is very small.  Recycling is utilized whenever possible, like using yogurt cups for glue pots, and soup jars for paint storage.  We even convert some of our waste into usable products like plant stakes and wooden markers for garden beds. 

Very Low Carbon Footprint

You can’t get much lower in terms of emissions from locally cut and milled wood furniture produced in a shop using solar power on a small farm.  We hardly even have to drive our car for materials as the best furniture is made, not purchased at the local big-box store.  Want to reduce your impact, just order a dining table from us made from a local storm damaged tree that will last for 200 years.  

Customer Relations

We are hear to talk to you, not to hide from you.  Give us a call and we will devote our tie to giving you all of the help that you need to get your project rolling.  If you need advise, or just want to discuss a project, don’t hesitate to call and ask questions.

Ten is a lot of reasons

We are surprised that you are still reading this!  Give us a call right now at 610-295-4681 because you obviously want to know more.  

Never substitute convenience for quality.