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Mazinaw Lakeside Resort Portable Camping Yurts


 Clean Air Woodworks also produces Clean Air Yurts and the Zephyr Portable Camping Yurt!  We spent years developing a new portable option for yurt living – the Zephyr Portable Camping Yurt.  By combining aspects of the original nomadic Mongolian yurt, and the modern, but vinyl-covered American yurt, Clean Air Yurts new designs represent the latest in lightweight, healthy, and strong yurt design.

The Zephyr Portable Camping Yurt is based around our Patent Pending Perfect Circle Technology™.  This new design combines with our locally cut an milled hardwood ash frame to produce yurt frames as light as 25 pounds and complete yurts as light as 50 pounds.  In addition, the Perfect Circle Bars stiffen the wall lattice and make setup a breeze since the wall is the Perfect Height Every Time.

We have researched the fabrics and coatings used by most other yurt companies and found that they nearly all contain dangerous and cancerous PVC coatings.  We at committed to remaining a vinyl and PVC free company so we worked with a major marine fabric company to find fabrics that combine durability and sustainability, without harmful chemicals.

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