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Solid Wall Wooden Yurt Cabin Kits


Our signature round cabin design, the Sirocco Yurt by Clean Air Yurts, was built recently as a kit by a local craftsman and sound healer in High Falls, NY.  Available either in kit form for the DIY builder or as a completed structure, this solid wall wooden yurt cabin is the pinnacle of beauty and function.  To learn more about yurts, check out

Clean Air Woodworks designed the structure over the past few years with several iterations and a prototype building at Liberty View Farm in Clintondale, NY.  Check out our other Portfolio page about the design at the Hudson Valley Yurt Cabin Page Here.

In a nutshell, the design consists of a conical metal roof atop a perfectly round exterior wall.  Built exactly like a standard house, with wooden studs, wall sheathing, glass windows and wooden doors, it is unique in its appearance due to its curving walls.  Insulation in the walls sets it apart from a fabric yurt and allows for year round use in a cold climate without high heating bills.  This model was insulated with soy-based spray foam and is tightly sealed and very energy efficient.  The metal roof is industrial grade and a structural part of the cabin with a 50-100 year lifespan.

A local customer contracted us to produce our design in a kit form.  We delivered pre-built 4’x8′ wall sections and the pre-formed metal roof assembly.  Special parts including custom decorative metal brackets, curved window and door trim, and a steel tension cable were included with the kit.  Utilizing a few friends, the customer completed his cabin in just a few weeks of part-time work without any difficulty.  Since he was such a great local customer, we stopped by frequently to provide him with tips and techniques to ease the construction process.  He did a great job and we are proud to feature his work as part of our collection.

Contact us for information about designing your own round cabin kit.

transparent Solid Wall Wooden Yurt Cabin Kits
 Solid Wall Wooden Yurt Cabin Kits Solid Wall Wooden Yurt Cabin Kits Solid Wall Wooden Yurt Cabin Kits Solid Wall Wooden Yurt Cabin Kits
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